About the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences can trace its roots back to 1920 with the foundation of the Agricultural Department within the School of Economic Sciences at József Nádor Technical University, Budapest. In 1945, the University of Agricultural Sciences was established, then moved to Gödöllõ in 1950.
As a result of improvement and expansion on the fields of training, research and extension services, the official name of school was changed to Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the turn of the millenium with the establishment of Szent István University by the merger of four formerly independent schools.



The mission of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is to educate environmentally conscious experts for the agrifood industry, and the conservation of the environment.



The experts of tomorrow should seek a tri-fold balance - viable environment, living landscape, healthy food - to achieve sustainability and quality in the fields of agricultural production. Also, one must take into account the impact of mankind on our natural environment.

The study programs of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences cover all areas of agriculture with special emphasis on environmental aspects and sustainability. Numerous degree courses taught in English are offered to international students. In addition to the traditional disciplines of agricultural education (crop production and animal husbandry) the faculty offers new programs already adapted to European higher education, such as wildlife management, rural development, horticulture, fish culture, environmental management and agricultural biotechnology.

We provide a positive learning environment where our students learn to appreciate the need for humans and to meet the goals of sustainability. These goals can be achieved by providing a state-of-the-art education, together with research and an understanding of economy, infrastructure and the surrounding environment. It is this interdisciplinary approach that makes the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences a respected institution in agricultural and environmental education in Hungary and internationally.

The future of agriculture lies in the simultaneous development of production, processing, economics and infrastructure. Future professionals must have exposure to cutting-edge research and accordingly updated study programs. Our MSc and PhD courses are based on the high quality research performed by the scientists of the faculty in the field of agricultural and applied life sciences. The objective of our Faculty is the training of competitive professionals in agriculture who will be able to comply with the requirements and challenges of the EU. Our graduates are able to fulfill the tasks of rural and landscape development, agriculture and environmental management. Our graduates can find their place in professional life, and within a few years will cherish good memories of the Alma Mater that assisted their career, and recommend our Faculty to anyone in good faith.