BSc in Agricultural Engineering

Name of the course: BSc in Agricultural Engineering

Name of the degree: Agricultural Engineer

Goals of the education

The objective of the B.Sc. program is to educate future agricultural engineers, who has general knowledge and skills in agricultural production, process and farming based on agricultural, natural, technical and economical sciences in diverse areas of modern agriculture. Theoretical knowledge supports further study at MSc level provided by the B. Sc. programme.

Agricultural Engineers (B.Sc. level) will be able to

  • manage agricultural enterprises with different scales in area of agricultural production, process and trade
  • hold a post on supply in administration and policy
  • analyse and control commersial and ecomonical process in the field of agriculture
  • teach how to control and manage agricultural production
  • introduce general production technologies
  • teach how to implement and manage production technologies
  • prepare for taking managerial and social responsibilities
  • introduce professional principles to prepare students for MSc course

Main areas of the education

  • animal husbandry and nutrition
  • crop production and plant protection
  • horticulture
  • agricultural management

Length of the study programme: 6 semesters + 1 semester farm practice

Total credit: 210

SZIU specialty regarding the course:

  • Qualified lecturers and professors are involved in the course.
  • Environmentally conscious education.
  • Knowledge provided by the course supports further study at MSc level.

Job possibilities:

  • agricultural entrepreneurial sector involved directly in production or in controlling of production
  • medium and large plants and product integrators
  • distributors of agricultural products
  • state control, insurance companies, banks

Admission criteria:

  • Completed secondary school studies proved by a High School Diploma
  • Good command of English
  • Payment of application and tuition fee
  • Submitted required documents

Required documents:

  • Filled in Application form
  • Official copy of secondary school certificate with the final results. If it is nor issued in English, an attested translation into English or Hungarian is needed
  • Official copy of the English exam and its result that prove your English proficiency.
  • Brief CV in English
  • Recommendation letters of Referees with their addresses
  • Medical certificate dated back not more than 30 days
  • Copy of receipt proving payment of application fee

Tuition fee:

Application fee EUR 50 (not refundable)
Tuition fee EUR 2200/semester
Additional costs (books, accommodation, board etc.) EUR 500/month approximately


With your application, you should include the following papers:

- Secondary School Diploma
- Scientific Activities and Results (not compulsory)
- Result in English Language Test or its Attested Copy
- Medical Clearance
- Curriculum Vitae