BSc in Wildlife Management Engineering

Name of the course: BSc in Wildlife Management Engineering

Name of the degree: Wildlife Management Engineer

Goals of the education

The purpose of this programme is to educate wildlife professionals who are able to manage projects in wildlife management and nature conservation based on applied ecology and principles of renewable natural resource management. Wildlife managers will meet the standards of the profession and will be familiar with and able to maintain the rules of wildlife and nature conservation. Successful graduates will be qualified to work in game farming and joint projects with agricultural companies, as well as forestry, fishery and rural development positions. Other possibilities include teaching the principles of nature conservation and working with hunting tourism operators.

Qualified graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in the Wildlife Management MSc programme.

Main study areas of the curriculum: wildlife anatomy and physiology, wildlife ecology and conservation, wildlife ethology and behavior, big game and small game management, habitat management, hunting and game management, kynology, trophy evaluation, wildlife diseases, game farming and ranching.

Length of the study programme: 6 semesters study +1 semester practice

Total credit: 210

SZIU specialties relating to the course: Ecology and management of European game species, ecology and management of cervids, radio-telemetry and GIS in wildlife management, game management planning, ecology of medium and large carnivores.

Job opportunities: Game management, jobs at hunting clubs, game keepers/game wardens, hunting tourism, wildlife management planning, consultation and advisory positions, wildlife administration, zoological gardens, wildlife parks, education related to wildlife and animals.

Admission criteria:

  • Completed secondary school studies proved by a High School Diploma
  • Good command of English
  • Payment of application and tuition fees
  • Submitted required documents
  • Required documents:Completed Application Form
  • Official copy of secondary school certificate with the final results. If it is not issued in English, an attested translation into English or Hungarian is needed
  • Official copy of the English language proficiency test or  attested copy (IELTS 6 or equivalent required)
  • Brief Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Recommendation letters of referees with their addresses contact information
  • Medical clearance dated within 30 days of the submission of the application
  • Copy of receipt proving payment of application fee


Application fee EUR 50 (not refundable)
Tuition fee EUR 2200/semester
Additional costs (books, accommodation, board etc.) EUR 500/month approximately