MSc in Environmental Engineering

Name of the course: MSc in Environmental Engineering

Name of the degree: Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Goals of the education

The aim of this program is to provide students with specialized knowledge of natural science, ecology, engineering, economics and management to be able to detect, assess, prevent and mitigate existing or potential environmental risks, as well as for managing restoration and reclamation projects. Graduated students are able to develop appropriate technological solutions to prevent environmental pollutions. Their studies can be continued at PhD level. As part of the program, students can further specialize in the fields of soil and water conservation, waste management or ecotoxicology.

Length of the study programme: 4 semesters

Total credit: 120

Admission criteria:

  • Undergraduate degree (BSc or equivalent) in relevant field of science or related area (degree qualifications are assessed individually in accordance with the diploma and its attachments, or with the Report of Study (Transcript)).
  • When the field of degree is not related to the chosen MSc Programme, credits of the relevant courses in the Report of Study (Transcript) will be acknowledged by the admission office.
  • Good command of English.


Application fee (paid on application) EUR 45 (not refundable)
Tuition fee EUR 3000 / semester
Additional costs (books, accommodation, food, etc.) EUR 500 / month approximately


With your application, you should include copies of the following papers:

- Bachelor-level Degree
- Scientific Activities and Results (not compulsory)
- Result in English Language Test
- Medical Clearance
- Curriculum Vitae