Call for papers for the Scientific Students' Association Conference, Autumn 2020

Call for papers for the Scientific Students' Association Conference, Autumn 2020

Brief description of 'TDK' (Tudományos Diákkör – Scientific Student's Association):

The scientific activity of university and college students – the scientific students' associationmovement – represents such tradition, which, during changing times and ongoing discussions, is still  important part of the scientific performance of the University in line with its original goal and  demonstrates value. The basis of the activities of scientific students' association is the student–professor relationship, which, by surpassing the obligatory curriculum, offers possibilities for students already pursuing independent research work during their undergraduate and graduate studies. They can become acquainted with research methods and means in detail, and acquire additional knowledge beyond their obligatory curriculum. This may contribute to the successful beginning of a scientific career on one hand; on the other hand, it gives a possibility for the professors and researchers to better evaluate the knowledge of students in a given subject and their ability for its practical application and thus for a better selection of prospective PhD students.

The Scientific Students' Association Conference (referred to as 'TDK' in the followings) will be held on the 27th of November 2020 on the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


Date of registration and abstract submission:           9th October 2020; 16:00 CET.

Submission of data handling statement:                   9th October 2020; 16:00 CET.

Submission of the dissertation:                                 30th October 2020; 16:00 CET

Date of the conference:                                             27th November 2020

Registration for the conference is done through the NEPTUN System (Submission will open on the 21th of September 2020). Abstracts should be sent to the following email address by the given deadline: in WORD (.doc or .docx) format. Editing of the abstracts should strictly follow the attached guidelines. Abstracts sent after the deadline will not be accepted and considered for publishing. The filled and printed data handling statement should be signed both by the student and the supervisor(s), and submitted at the administration office of the Institute of Animal Husbandry (room number: 1086; Erzsébet Bényi).

The submitted paper should be edited according to the following guidelines: (in Hungarian)

Key elements of the guideline document:

  • Max. file size: 10MB
  • Font: Times New Roman 12 pt; spacing: 1,5; margin 2,5 cm all sides
  • Length: min. 30 pages, max. 50 pages
  • Citation should follow the Harvard system
  • The paper should be structured in the following way: Title Page, Introduction, Aims of the study, Literature review, Materials and Methods, Results and discussion, Summary, References cited, Acknowledgement.
  • Figure and tables should be numbered and cited in the text.
  • The Title Page should cover the following information: Institution, Faculty, Title of the paper, author(s), supervisor(s), location (Gödöllő), year.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The intention of the organizers is to held the TDK in the traditional way with personal presence, but with full consideration of the rules of the respective rector's instructions. However, the rapidly changing pandemic situation may lead to a decision in which the TDK will be held online. Detailed information on any change will be immediately communicated.