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Information on submitting the thesis in the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020 to the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

According to the 5/2020 (24 April) Rector's Decision about the changes of academic calendar 2019/20 spring semester (due to the epidemic issues) the 2/2020 (25 March) Rector's Decision has been changed as follows:
The deadline of thesis submission has changed to 8 May (Friday) 2020 at 12:00 (noon), late submission deadline has been also modified: (10.000 HUF) 15 May 2020, at noon, Friday.

The Rector's Decision is available on the university website (after log in):

We kindly as you to submit your completed thesis in accordance with the guidelines announced by your Faculty. We advise you  - preferably - not to postpone submission until the final deadline.

In accordance with the relevant 4/2020. (IV.22) Rector's Decision, we kindly ask our students and collegues to follow these instructions about thesis submission procedure to ensure the successful organisation of the final exams:

  • Students should apply for final exam in the NEPTUN system.
  • Deadline: 27 April 2020

Students should submit in e-mail before deadline:

  • thesis in pdf.
  • preliminary approval of her/his supervisor (e-mail from the supervisor that the thesis can be submitted)
  • "Suggestion on thesis reviewers" data sheet filled in by her/his details only (title of thesis, Student’s data). Available here: or here:  (under "Szakdolgozat és záróvizsga nyomtatványok" part)
  • These documents should be sent by the students by e-mail to her/his international educational coordinator of FAES: and her/his supervisor!
  • Deadline: 4 May 2020
  • Late submission (last) deadline: 11 May 2020

Thesis can be regarded as acceptable and appropriate for review only if the student signs the declaration (included in thesis guidelines as appendix) and submits the this declaration (per post or e-mail or personally to the secretary of the final exam commitee) until the day of the final exam the latest. This declaration should be also signed by the supervisor until the end of the final exam the latest. In case the supervisor is not able to sign the declariation due to the restrictions of the emergency situation, the secretary of the final exam commitee can be authorized by her/him to do that.

The supervisor sends her/his suggestion in a reply letter concerning eligibility to the:


  • Thesis is eligible for final exam: „I have reviewed the thesis, I found it eligible for defence on final exam.”
  • Thesis is not eligible (justification is needed).
  • Deadline: 6 May 2020
  • Deadline (in case of late submission): 13 May 2020

Important deadlines of the spring semester 2019/20 for graduating students:

  • Deadline for final exam application: 27 April 2020 (in Neptun system: Administration/final exams/”MKK Záróvizsga jelentkezési időszak 2019/20/2”)
  • Deadline for submitting the thesis: 4 May 2020
  • Deadline for late submission of the thesis: 11 May 2020
  • Exam period: 27 April – 15 May 2020
  • Preparation period for final exam: 5 May - 1 June 2020
  • Final exam period: 2 - 19 June 2020 (In case the emergency ends, in accordance with the latest regulation.)
  • Degree ceremony: 1-8 July 2020 (In case the emergency ends, in accordance with the latest regulation.)

Due to the present situation, we kindly ask all parties to keep the deadlines precisely!

We wish a successful preparation period to all our students!

Thank you for yor cooperation!




Ikon Word  Suggestion for Thesis Reviewers

Ikon Word  Thesis Review Form



Ikon Word  Academic Rules and Procedures

Ikon Word  Thesis Guidelines and Forms


Administration fees
Name of the penalty fee Cost Unit Notes
Delayed enrollment/semester registration fee 2500 HUF/week deadline is the first day of the semester
Delayed subject registration fee 3500 HUF/week from 3rd to 6th week of the semester
Delayed subject cancellation fee 2500 HUF/week from 3rd to 6th week of the semester
Request for changing student status of the semester after registry period (active/passive) fee 2500 HUF to 14th October/March
Credit acceptance fee 5000 HUF/subject till the end of the study period
Subject recognition fee 4000 HUF/subject till the end of the study period
Individual study/exam plan request fee 5000 HUF/semester available for maximum 2 semesters
Repeated exam fee 2500 HUF/subject/occasion repeat: max. 2 times/semester, max. 5 times altogether
Repeated subject registration fee 2000 HUF/subject/occasion repeat: max. 3 times; 4th is with dean's equity
Dean's equity request fee 12000 HUF max. 2 times altogether
Unjustified absence from exams 5000 HUF/exam  
Delayed submittion of thesis 10000 HUF/week deadline: around 15th of October/April
Fee of repeated final exam for the first time 15000 HUF first occasion
Fee of repeated final exam for second and other times 25000 HUF second and other occasion
Fee of lost seal of student ID 3500 HUF  
Dealyed submittion of internship/practice applicationform/report 2500 HUF/week deadline is different between faculties
Thesis title request paper delayed submittion fee 2500 HUF/week deadline is different between faculties
any other request (transcript, internship in different semester, etc…) 1000 HUF  
Certified copy of the degree 500 HUF/page