International Conference on Water Sciences

On behalf of St Istvan University You are cordially invited to the 
International Conference on Water Sciences entitled 
21st Century Water Management in the Intersection of Sciences
March 22 (Friday), 2019
St Istvan University, College of Agriculture and Economics,
5540 SZARVAS, Szabadság u. 1-3. HUNGARY.
The Conference is organized in the framework of Project EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00016 focusing on training and research profiles
with intelligent specializations on the Szarvas Campus of St Istvan University involving agricultural water management,
hydroponic plant systems, alternative crop production related to improving precision machinery in agriculture. 
The Conference aims at discussions of the problems of water management by expertise in the processes,
problems and improvement of agricultural water management and working out solutions for the future in the framework of a scientific forum. 
The event wishes to build up a bridge between the participants of the scientific world and field work by giving opportunity for enterpreneurs
and scientific representatives for mutual considerations of mapping actions to solve arisen problems effectively. 
Participants may take part in professional, scientific and poster sections.
The Conference is financed by Project EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00016;
Participants are kindly requested to register and following registration participation is free.
The official languages of the Conference are Hungarian and English.
Sections planned:
Water management
Agricultural sciences
Environmental sciences
Mechanical Engineer 
Ecomony and Management
Foreign Language Section 
Poster Section 
Preliminary Program:
under organization
Deadline for applications:
February 15, 2019